IT Support Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and perform troubleshoot on all computer systems and perform required repairs and modifications on system and document all upgrade and modifications to system and maintain user information at all times.

Train all employees to analyze and repair all product failures and analyze all customer requirements and recommend appropriate products for same and maintain records of all incoming requests and resolve it effectively through ticketing system.

Coordinate with internal IT staff and customers to resolve all technical issues and escalate same if required to ensure smooth business application processes and monitor all administration activities to maintain and reset all passwords and monitor all requests.

Coordinate with staff to install and configure all desktop and laptop computers and identify and resolve all hardware and software issues and monitor all requests and documents all support tickets.

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Collaborate with vendor support contact to resolve all issues for desktop equipments and software and coordinate with various teams to implement effective security measures and assist in maintaining all information secure.

Design and perform various tests on applications according to required standards and perform all disaster recovery activities and perform various tests on all hardware platforms and networks and documents all operating system software.



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